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One Technology Infinite Possibilities

Valens’ superior PHY technology delivers the most reliable and optimized connectivity solutions for long-reach, high-resolution video. We provide superior performance where others can’t.


“If there is a solution we will find it. If there is no solution we will invent it.

Massad Eyal, SVP, Core Technologies Development & Co-Founder

Our superior connectivity transcends boundaries, providing the technological leap needed to disrupt industries.”

Eyran Lida, CTO & Co-Founder

Industry Standards

We transform industries and set new standards for innovation. Valens technology is the basis for two leading standards – HDBaseT and MIPI A-PHY.

Unprecedented resilience to EMI

As data rates continue to rise, Valens chipsets provide unprecedented resilience to electromagnetic interferences, guaranteeing high-performance error-free links even in the most challanging environments.

Converging multiple interfaces over a single cable

Valens chipsets allow for versatile and simple system design, by converging various combinations of Video, Audio, Data, Controls, and Power over the simplest wiring infrastructure.

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