Where Boundaries are Pushed and

Connections are Made

We are leaders in high-performance connectivity. Our chipsets are embedded in countless devices, transforming the digital experiences of people worldwide
From Start-up to Success
Valens’ six founders had a dream to develop a revolutionary technology. Today they continue to be the driving force behind our remarkable journey, actively engaged in the evolution of our company.

De Facto Market Leader
Valens HDBaseT technology’s ability to transmit various signals and power over a single cable has made it indispensable for exceptional digital experiences in the professional audio-video market. Our technology awarded us an Emmy, and gained us a customer base of the biggest consumer electronic companies in the world.

Hidden Gem
Thousands of leading products rely on our technology. Our chipsets are embedded in Logitech’s most advanced conferencing equipment, Samsung’s award winning outdoor Terrace TV, Siemen’s life-saving imaging systems, just to name a few.

Driving the Autonomous Revolution
With our chips gaining broad adoption across markets by 2018, we ventured to conquer a new industry. And within two years, we were already on the road in Mercedes-Benzes’ luxurious S-Class, with more models to follow. We were chosen by the MIPI Alliance as the connectivity standard for ADAS applications, and are proud to play such a pivotal role in the industry’s mission to make roads safer.

Superior Technology
Our technology has set industry standards and transformed digital connectivity across industries by providing the most reliable and optimized solution for high-performance long-distance connectivity. As data rates continue to increase massively, Valens technology continues to evolve to enable the digital applications of the future.

Masterminds of our Chips
Looking back at our track record of accomplishments, our employees are the reason for our success. They are our Hidden Gem. Together we challenge, explore, and dare to be square.

We dare to be square
Pioneering Spirit
We envision the impossible and dare to make it a reality. We think outside the square
Unrivaled Technology
We develop superior chipsets that outperform the competition in mission-critical applications
Cutting-Edge Innovation
With over one hundred patents, we continue to evolve as we define the digital experiences of the future
We like a good challenge, and our team of experts has the track-record to prove anything is possible
Standard Setters
A unified force, we push the boundaries to set new standards in every industry we operate in
Quality Culture
We are actively involved in every step from concept to the customer and environmentally committed to making a positive impact on the world.

Our Leadership

Management Board of Directors
Gideon Ben-Zvi
Guy Nathanzon
Massad Eyal
SVP, Core Technologies & Co-Founder
Eyran Lida
CTO & Co-Founder
Amir Boim
SVP, Operations and PMO
David Chairman
Dr. Peter Mertens
Chairman of the Board
Gideon Ben-Zvi
Board Member & CEO
Dror Jerushalmi
Board Member & Co-Founder
Dr. Eyal Kishon
Board Member
Peter Kuo
Board Member
Moshe Lichtman
Board Member
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