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Total Connectivity
with Valens' HDBaseT

Valens' HDBaseT technology enables plug-and-play digital connectivity between ultra-HD video sources and remote displays.
A standard for digital connectivity, HDBaseT brings a rich feature set, increased reach and better performance than existing solutions.
HDBaseT enables the converged delivery of ultra-high-definition digital video and audio, Ethernet, control signals, USB, and power through a single cable.

Valens Colligo Family

Valens Colligo supports the full HDBaseT standard, including Ultra-HD video & audio, Ethernet, controls, USB 2.0, and power, over either a LAN cable or fiber cable. The family enables multipoint-to-multipoint connectivity, multistreaming and switching.

VS2310 5Play Gen 2.0 Plus

Video & audio, Ethernet, controls, USB 2.0, and power

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VS2311 5Play Gen 2.0 Fiber

Video & audio, Ethernet, controls, and USB over multi-mode or single-mode fiber

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VS200 Gen 2.0 Short-range

Video & audio, controls, and power

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VS2000 5Play Gen 2.0

Video & audio, Ethernet, controls, and power

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VS2110 Gen 2.0

Optimized for education and KVM applications with low-latency interactivity

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VS210 Gen 2.0 Short-range

Video & audio, controls, USB 2.0, and power

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Valens Automotive

Valens Automotive chipsets enable the transmission of high-throughput, time-sensitive
applications over an HDBaseT Automotive link, revolutionizing in-vehicle connectivity.
The Valens Automotive chipsets bring the convergence of audio & video, Ethernet, USB,
controls and power over a single unshielded twisted pair wire.
To see how Valens supports the industry requirement for ultra-high-speed links, view Valens Automotive Bandwidth Roadmap


Integrated circuit for in-vehicle infotainment and USB support, daisy-chain and smart antenna connectivity

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VS100 HDBaseT

VS100 HDBaseT: video, audio, Ethernet, controls, and power for 100m/328ft transmissions.

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VS010 HDBaseT

Video, audio, controls, and power for short-distance transmissions

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Valens VS100 Product Family

Valens' first chipsets revolutionized the AV market by enabling transmission of uncompressed
high-definition video, audio, control and power over a single LAN cable for up to 100m/328ft

HDBaseT-IP 1-2-3

The Next Chapter of Connectivity with HDBaseT-IP

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Introducing the VA6000 for AV Applications

Extension for USB, Gigabit Ethernet, Audio and Control over a single lightweight UTP cable

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System on Module

Reduce time to market with Valens' System on Module

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Valens' Customer Services

Our customers’ satisfaction is one of Valens' core values, and we strive to provide the necessary support and services to guarantee transparent and direct communications with you.
From design and customer support to test facilities, Valens provides a comprehensive portfolio to help you with HDBaseT solutions.
Valens is also the HDBaseT Alliance’s first HDBaseT Recognized Testing Facility (RTF), offering compliance test services to HDBaseT Alliance members.
The HDBaseT Product Certification Program was established to promote standardization and facilitate interoperability among HDBaseT products. 

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Order an Evaluation Kit

Valens' Evaluation Kit (EVK) is comprised of both transmission and receiver boards, connected through a single cable to form an HDBaseT link, and designed to demonstrate the capabilities of the Valens’ HDBaseT chipsets. Valens provides suitable EVKs for all of our chipsets.