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Valens Announces Successful Tapeout of First MIPI A-PHY Compliant Chipsets for Long-Reach, Ultra-High-Speed Automotive Connectivity

April 27, 2021

Engineering samples for the VA70XX chipsets will be available in October 2021

HOD HASHARON, April 27, 2021 – Valens, the semiconductor company that is pushing the boundaries of connectivity, today announced that it has completed a successful tape-out of its VA70XX chipsets – the first on the market to comply with the MIPI A-PHYSM standard for long-reach, ultra-high-speed automotive video connectivity.

The samples are set to be evaluated by leading OEMs and Tier 1s, some of whom have included MIPI A-PHY connectivity in their product roadmaps. Leading System on a Chip (SoC) & camera sensor vendors have also begun to integrate the VA70XX into their modules and have stated that they will integrate MIPI A-PHY into their future products.

“Valens provides the most cutting-edge technology bringing unprecedented link speeds to the automotive market,” said Valens CEO Gideon Ben-Zvi. “Our chipsets lay the groundwork for the next stage in the ADAS and autonomous evolution, as the industry transitions towards level 2+ and beyond. This is an achievement not only for our company, but for the automotive industry as a whole.”

With the growing number of sensors being integrated into cars, there is an increasing need for high speed video links that are impervious to electromagnetic interference, data loss and latency. The VA70XX chipsets offer a high immunity to electromagnetic interference with an unprecedented Packet Error Rate of 10-19, equivalent to one packet error per 10,000 car lifetimes.

The VA70XX chipset family includes the VA7031 serializer and the VA7044 and VA7042 deserializers, operating with link speeds of up to 8Gbps. The chipsets support connectivity of multiple CSI-2-based cameras, radars, Lidars, and other sensors for up to 15 meters (50 feet), with 4 inline connectors.

Integration of the VA70XX chipsets will reduce total system cost by implementing an industry connectivity standard, lowering harness costs through simpler connector and wiring infrastructure, and shortening design cycles through automatic tuning of the SerDes to the given cable.

“There is tremendous momentum building for MIPI A-PHY compliant chipsets,” said Valens SVP and Head of Automotive Gideon Kedem. “With leading industry players behind A-PHY and additional standardization bodies like the IEEE adopting it, this technology is quickly becoming the de facto standard for in-vehicle sensor connectivity. Valens is leading the market with the introduction of the VA70XX, the first A-PHY compliant chipsets.”

Engineering samples for the VA70XX chipsets will be available in October 2021 and mass production is expected next year.


About Valens

Valens is a leading provider of semiconductor products, pushing the boundaries of connectivity by enabling long-reach, high-speed video and data transmission for the audio-video and automotive industries. Valens’ Emmy® award-winning HDBaseT technology is the leading standard in the professional audio-video market with tens of millions of Valens’ chipsets integrated into thousands of HDBaseT-enabled products. Valens Automotive is a key enabler of the evolution of autonomous driving, providing chipsets that are on the road in premium vehicles around the world. The underlying technology has been selected to become the basis for the new standard for automotive connectivity. Founded in 2006, Valens is based in Hod Hasharon, Israel, with offices in the US, Europe and Asia. For more, visit