Symmetric Offering – VA60XX

Valens’ symmetric automotive chipsets are designed to deliver superior connectivity for infotainment, telematics and backbone data applications, with high-speed, long-distance transmission over a single UTP.


  • Transmission of up to 2Gbps/2Gbps of data, converging USB 2.0, 1Gb Ethernet,
    audio and serial controls over a single unshielded twisted pair (UTP) wire for up to 15m/50ft
  • Point-to-point & daisy-chaining
  • Optimized for infotainment & smart antenna connectivity
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  • Configurable PHY, for resilient long-distance transmission of PCIe
  • 4Gbps over a single UTP, 8Gbps over two UTPs and 16Gbps with two chipsets, including up to 2.5Gb Ethernet
  • Optimized for telematics, smart antennas, 5G cellular connectivity, ECU-to-ECU connectivity and shared storage
  • Prototype chipset available for testing and evaluation
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