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We have recently updated our Privacy Policy to comply with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), and to more accurately reflect how we use and store your our registration details. Valens welcomes this opportunity and is committed to protecting the personal data used within our databases and platforms.


Privacy Charter

To further ensure that values of data protection are maintained throughout its organization, it has adopted the following Charter and privacy principles and incorporated such into its Code of Conduct and business activities.


Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy explains what data we collect, use, and how we use it.


Cookie Policy

Valens uses certain monitoring and tracking technologies on our website, including ones offered by Third Party Services.


Terms of Use

Read the terms of use of the Valens website


How to Contact Us

Since your privacy is important to us, we are committed to making data protection our priority. Should you have any questions, requests regarding your data, or would like to delete your personal information, please contact us at dataprotection@valens.com.