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A2MAC1 Report: MIPI A-PHY-Based Technology Leads to Significant Reductions in Total System Cost

October 13, 2021

HOD HASHARON, Israel, October 13, 2021 – Valens (NYSE: VLN), a premier provider of high-speed connectivity solutions for the audio-video and automotive markets and the leading supplier of MIPI A-PHY-compliant chipsets, today announced that automotive benchmarking firm A2MAC1 has published a report showing significant cost saving opportunities for automotive OEMs using MIPI A-PHY-based technology.

Released in September 2020, MIPI A-PHY is the first standardized, asymmetric, long-reach serializer-deserializer (SerDes) physical layer interface targeted for advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving systems (ADS). A-PHY’s primary mission is to transfer high-speed data between cameras, radars, LiDARs and their related ECUs.

A2MAC1 used a high sale-volume surround view system as a benchmark for a conventional
proprietary solution and compared it with the MIPI A-PHY-based solution over Unshielded
Twisted Pair cabling. The report found that there are significant cost savings available for OEMs
if they deploy A-PHY-based chipsets such as those offered by Valens, primarily resulting from:

  • Simplified wire harness – Including cabling and connectors (and specifically in-line connectors going through the doors).
  • Camera design – Cost saving in the sealed connector that can be simplified into an unshielded connector, as well as savings in the internal PCB and camera design.
  • ECU design – Switching to smaller, less expensive connectors.

In total, the report found that using MIPI A-PHY-based chipsets for higher-resolution camera sensors and SerDes solutions would result in a total system cost reduction of up to 15%, relative to existing proprietary solutions. This includes a 63% reduction in wire harness and connector costs, which together form a significant portion of the total system cost. The report stated that there are further cost reduction opportunities for OEMs resulting from native integration of A-PHY into image sensors.

“MIPI A-PHY is the connectivity solution that will support advancements in ADAS,” said Gideon Kedem, Valens SVP and Head of Automotive. “For a long time, we’ve known that A-PHY gives OEMs the highest bandwidth, the longest distance, and the lowest error rate – and today, thanks to this first-of-its-kind research by a 3rd-party benchmarking firm, we can add to that list another important metric – lowest total system cost.”

“When comparing the costs of A-PHY based solutions with conventional solutions, there is a clear winner, and that’s A-PHY,” said Abhishek Gandhi, Cost Engineer at A2MAC1. “An industry switchover to A-PHY-based extension solutions could save real money – for OEMs and ultimately for consumers as well.”

The Valens VA7000 chipset family is the first A-PHY compliant chipset and engineering samples will be available in Q4 2021.
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