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A New Era for In-vehicle Connectivity

Valens' HDBaseT Automotive combines the best of alternative existing technologies into one, simple solution for in-vehicle connectivity, to address the needs of today’s & tomorrow’s connected cars.
The HDBaseT Automotive 5Play feature set revolutionizes in-vehicle connectivity with the convergence of audio & video, Ethernet, USB, controls and power over a single pair.

The Ultimate Benefits of HDBaseT Automotive

Unprecedented Bandwidth

Tunneling of up to 6Gbps of simultaneous streams of high-definition video & audio, data, USB, and power, over a 15m (50ft) single, unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable.

Designed for Networking

Multistream & multi-hop capabilities for the whole-car backbone network infrastructure, for optimized sensor fusion, ADAS and infotainment.

EMC - Resistant Solution

Highly robust, with adaptive mechanism to deal with EMC, cable aging, temperature changes, and more, with no need for cable grounding.

Infotainment & Telematics

  • Display Connectivity

    Enabling the convergence of video and data, with the utmost flexibility provided by daisy-chaining and multistreaming

  • USB Connectivity

    Providing easier and simpler USB connectivity, due to auto-configurable USB host or device port, with no need for USB hub, special software drivers or complex configurations

  • Telecommunication Unit

    Extending distribution of high-throughput content from the Smart Antenna towards the head unit

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

  • Front & Surround View

    Delivering real-time, no latency information from several cameras for a safer and better driving experience

  • ADAS Networking

    Achieving the highest level of architectural flexibility with native support of time-sensitive, high-throughput video applications ideally suited to sensor fusion systems

  • Unified ADAS/Infotainment Network

    Integrating all systems into a unified connectivity backbone for the smooth migration towards a single self-driving car network


Valens’ first silicon to demonstrate the transmission of high-throughput, time-sensitive applications over an HDBaseT Automotive link.

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Valens’ intelligent automotive network integrated circuit for the ultimate HDBaseT Automotive in-vehicle network.

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HDBaseT Automotive
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