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A New Era for In-vehicle Connectivity

Valens' Automotive combines the best of alternative existing technologies into one, simple solution for in-vehicle connectivity, to address the needs of today’s & tomorrow’s connected cars.
The Automotive 5Play feature set revolutionizes in-vehicle connectivity with the convergence of audio & video, Ethernet, USB, controls and power over a single pair.

The Ultimate Benefits of HDBaseT Automotive

Unprecedented Bandwidth

Tunneling of multi-Gigabit simultaneous streams of ultra-high-definition video & audio, Ethernet, PCIe, USB, and power, over a 15m (50ft) single, unshielded twisted pair (UTP) wire.

Designed for Networking

Multistream & multi-hop capabilities for the whole-car backbone network infrastructure, for optimized sensor fusion, ADAS and infotainment.

Infotainment & Telematics

  • Display Connectivity

    Enabling the convergence of video and data, with the utmost flexibility provided by daisy-chaining and multistreaming

  • USB Connectivity

    Providing easier and simpler USB connectivity, due to auto-configurable USB host or device port, with no need for USB hub, special software drivers or complex configurations

  • Telecommunication Unit

    Extending distribution of high-throughput content from the Smart Antenna towards the head unit

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

  • Front & Surround View

    Delivering real-time, no latency information from several cameras for a safer and better driving experience

  • ADAS Networking

    Achieving the highest level of architectural flexibility with native support of time-sensitive, high-throughput video applications ideally suited to sensor fusion systems

  • Unified ADAS/Infotainment Network

    Integrating all systems into a unified connectivity backbone for the smooth migration towards a single self-driving car network

HDBaseT Automotive: The Ultimate EMC-Resilient Solution for Multi-Gigabit Transmission

EMC – electromagnetic compliance – is a major issue in the electrical/electronic infrastructure within vehicles. With more devices, cables, connectors, the automotive crowded electronics environment is a rich source for electromagnetic interference, which can significantly affect connectivity.


HDBaseT Automotive’s ability to cope with EMI/EMC is a major advantage, guaranteeing transmission integrity over an unshielded twisted pair, even under the challenging automotive environment. Valens’ automotive solutions have undergone stringent EMC testing with several OEMs and Tier-1s, in the USA, Europe and Japan, with very positive results. Valens has successful passed EMC testing, demonstrating the transmission of symmetric 2Gbps transmission over one unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable, with Aptiv's AMEC, TE's MATEnet connectors and Rosenberg's H-MTD connectors.


Some of the facilities where successful testing has been conducted include:


- Denso EMCS, Japan
- Aptiv Lab, USA
- Steinbeis Transferzentrum EKHO, Hochschule ULM (University of Applied Science), Germany
- EMC Services Elmiljöteknik AB, Sweden (according to a leading OEM’s requirements)


Valens continues to jointly work with additional OEM’s and Tier-1’s as it undergoes additional testing and verification.

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