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Valens’ automotive product offering includes both symmetric and asymmetric connectivity solutions for high bandwidth transmission of native interfaces over a single wire, such as an unshielded twisted pair, for up to 15 meters. Valens’ superior PHY technology provides the safety and resilience required to handle the noisy automotive environment, addressing the needs of ADAS, ADS, infotainment, telematics and backbone connectivity.

Asymmetric Offering – VA70XX

Valens delivers the most optimized solution for asymmetric in-vehicle high-speed links, addressing long-reach CSI-2 sensor and camera connectivity. The VA70XX is the first MIPI® Alliance A-PHY standard-compliant chipset family, delivering resilient and error-free links.

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Symmetric Offering - VA60XX

Valens’ symmetric in-vehicle connectivity solutions optimize high-speed infotainment, telematics and backbone data transmission by converging multiple interfaces over the same link, simplifying car architecture and reducing total system cost. It is the only solution in the market for multi-gig Ethernet connectivity, with zero latency, over a UTP wire.

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In-Vehicle Infotainment with VA60XX

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Read how high-tech, connected autos are driving change in vehicle connectivity architectures

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MIPI® Alliance A-PHY Standard Long-Reach CSI-2 with Valens’ VA70XX

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Valens' Customer Services

Our customers’ satisfaction is one of Valens' core values, and we strive to provide the necessary support and services to guarantee transparent and direct communications with you.
From design and customer support to test facilities, Valens provides a comprehensive portfolio to help you with HDBaseT solutions.
Valens is also the HDBaseT Alliance’s first HDBaseT Recognized Testing Facility (RTF), offering compliance test services to HDBaseT Alliance members.
The HDBaseT Product Certification Program was established to promote standardization and facilitate interoperability among HDBaseT products. 

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