Trucking Connectivity

Valens offers an innovative connectivity solution, the VA600R, for a high-definition rear-facing camera at the end of a trailer, connected to an ECU in the tractor, over the existing wiring infrastructure and UTP cabling. This technology introduces, for the first time ever, reliable rear-facing visibility for the trucking industry.


  • Supports 250Mpbs of bandwidth and works over the tractor trailer’s standard jumper cable and an unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable, for a total link distance of 40m (131ft.)
  • Link tunnels multiple interfaces, including 100Mbps Ethernet for a rear-view camera, as well as I2C and UART for other control applications
  • Co-exists with Power over Data Line (PoDL) while maintaining signal integrity in the harsh electromagnetic environment of the truck

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VA7000 Chip

The Valens VA7000 chipset family is the first to implement the global MIPI A-PHY standard, offering multi-gig asymmetric connectivity. The chipsets are the most resilient in the industry, offering CSI-2 extension that can enable surround view systems for the trucking industry.

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The Valens VA6000 chipset family is the premier connectivity solution designed for feature-rich infotainment, telematics, and backbone data applications. The chipsets offer robust, error-free, long-distance connectivity over a single UTP cable for the trucking industry.

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