Where Boundaries
Are Pushed & Connections Are Made

At Valens Semiconductor we design and develop cutting-edge silicon that has redefined digital connectivity across industries. Our chipsets are responsible for the seamless distribution of high bandwidth data over a single cable. As that data continues to increase massively, Valens technology evolves to enable the digital applications of the future.

From a
Basement to
the NYSE

It all began in 2006, with six founders and a dream to develop a revolutionary technology. Due to the broad adoption of Valens technology by leading manufacturers, their basement was quickly replaced by 8 global offices and a workforce of over 300 employees, with tens of millions of chips sold and an IPO at the New York Stock Exchange.

The Best
Connectivity Technology
in the World

The Valens chipset is the hidden jewel in thousands of devices, making resilient high-bandwidth connectivity possible across industries such as, corporate, health care, residential, education, automotive, and more. Our connectivity solution is a pioneering technology capable of transmitting multiple types of data interfaces at ultra-high speeds with zero latency, while using the lowest-cost and simplest infrastructure. Valens technology delivers a future proof connectivity solution, with longer reach and higher performance than existing technologies.

The Birth of a Super Alliance

In 2010, LG, Samsung, Sony Pictures, and Valens joined forces to standardize Valens’ Audio-Video HDBaseT technology. Together, they established the HDBaseT Alliance, the global standard for long-distance multimedia connectivity. Today, the Alliance counts more than 200 members, with thousands of HDBaseT enabled products.

The Launch of an Automotive Standard

When the MIPI Alliance, a world leading standards organization, ventured to establish a high-speed long-reach connectivity standard for the Automotive industry, they chose Valens technology as the baseline for their standard. The connectivity standard, now known as A-PHY, has since been adopted by IEEE, proving once again that Valens sets the standard for digital connectivity everywhere we operate.

On the Road

The advantage of Valens technology is its ability to enable best connectivity under the harshest environmental conditions, making it an optimal solution for the automotive market. Valens Automotive delivers the high-speed in-vehicle connectivity needed to realize safe connected and autonomous cars. Today, we can proudly say that our chipsets are on the road in Mercedes-Benz's vehicles, and leading OEMs and Tier 1s are deploying our technology into their next-generation car models.

Connecting the World One Patent at a Time

In 16 years of innovation, we have submitted 200 patents, 150 of which have been granted. We are continuously reinventing and broadening the scope of our technology.

"If there is a solution, we will find it. If there is no solution, we will invent one.”

Massad Eyal | Co-founder

Valens Tech is the Hidden Jewel Behind
the Leading Industries of the World