VA6000 Chipset Family

The Valens VA6000 chipset family is the premier connectivity solution designed for feature-rich infotainment, telematics, and backbone data applications. This chipset family is on the road in vehicles around the world, including in various Mercedes-Benz models.

The chipsets offer multi-gig connectivity while converging multiple interfaces over unshielded cables and connectors, leading to significant optimization of in-vehicle infrastructure. These chipsets also offer a number of other advantages over existing solutions on the market, including error-free links, lower total system cost, and reduced time to market with plug & play technology.

Demo Videos:

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In-Vehicle Infotainment with Valens VA6000

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Convergence of Ethernet, Audio, and Controls over an Unshielded Link with the Valens VA6003

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Door Connectivity POC

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Valens Plug & Play Technology

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