Technology & art give meaning and perspective to the world we live in. As these disciplines evolve, they continue to challenge our perceptions and reshape our realities. They are both predicated on innovation and inspired by big ideas.


At Valens, we thrive on big ideas and have a history of turning dreams into reality. We believe that to create an innovative and productive work experience, we must invest not only in the minds of our employees but in their bodies and souls as well.

In “The Art of Technology” project, we decided to showcase the works of two students from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design at Valens’ headquarters. Their Valens technology-themed concepts are inspirational and stimulating, and they breathe new life onto our walls. 

The illustrations, custom designed for Valens, add a new dimension to our office environment, reminding us to stay creative and to continue to push boundaries. 

Meet the Artists

julia pic
ori pic 2

Julia Scherer

Ori Tirosh

Julia Scherer is a Brazilian-Israeli illustrator. A 4th year student of Visual Communication Studies at Bezalel, her designs focus on people and are filled with colorful characters. 

“For this project, I wanted to represent the accomplishments of Valens workers as a team of individuals that, together, create amazing things. The universe of acrobats and circus artists was an immediate association, with performances that make you think: ‘How do people even do that?’ And that was the feeling I wanted to evoke through my illustrations.”  

Ori Tirosh is an Israeli illustrator and designer. He is a 3rd year student of Visual Communication Studies at Bezalel.

The main focus of his work is the exploration of shape and the relationship it has with the personality of illustrated scenes and designs. “For this project, I focused on the people behind the technology, and the connectivity between them. Each one is unique, and they are all integral parts of this amazing world of progress.”


Julia Scherer' Designs

Ori Tirosh's' Designs