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Get an Evaluation Kit (EVK) to learn about HDBaseT capabilities!

The EVK is comprised of sink and source boards, forming an HDBaseT link, and enabling you to experiment first hand simplified, long-reach wired connectivity of uncompressed HD multimedia content, Ethernet, controls and power over a single standard 100m/328ft Cat cable. Once you request an EVK, a sales manager will be in touch with you to better understand your needs.


Experience HDBaseT with Valens Evaluation Kit

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Valens’ products are designed to provide an all-in-one solution for transferring multimedia content, including uncompressed HD video and audio, internet, power and control signals over longer distances, with higher reliability and at lower infrastructure cost than any other solution on the market. Empowering HDBaseT Technology, Valens products simultaneously transfer all of these signals over a single, standard cable.

Valens Colligo™ Product Family


The VS2000 5Play™ Gen 2.0 chip, fully complies with the HDBaseT 2.0 Specification. The VS2000 chip supports the 5Play feature set for relaying audio, video, control, Ethernet, and power over a single up to 100m cat5e cable.

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The VS2310 5Play Gen 2.0 Plus is a high-end 5Play chipset that includes native USB 2.0 support and inter-device connectivity. The VS2310 fully complies with the HDBaseT 2.0 specification and supports the 5-Play feature set for relaying audio, video, control, Ethernet, and power over a single up to 100m cable.

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The VS2311 5Play™ Gen 2.0 Fiber - introduces HDBaseT over fiber for video transmission over much longer distances. Coupled with the VS-2310, the VS-2311 is capable of delivering HD video, HD audio, Ethernet, and controls via multi-mode fiber (MMF) or single-mode fiber (SMF) reaching extraordinary distances.

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The Valens Colligo VS2110 is optimized for the fundamental requirement of low-latency interactivity and flexibility as well as for educational settings, digital signage and industrial PC applications.

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The Valens VS100™ is the first HDBaseT compliant chipset. It transmits and receives uncompressed HD, video, audio, Internet, power and control signals through a single 100m/328ft LAN cable.

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The Valens VS010™ chipset provides a flexible, cost effective solution for industry applications seeking Selected HDBaseT functionality at distances less than 100 meters.

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